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'Meaki' for Keali by Blofu
'Meaki' for Keali
A little something i did for the oh so wonderful and oh so supportive :iconkeali:. Originally i planned this for her birthday, but yeah, that clearly didn't happen so you can just consider this a post-post-POST-birthday present. Nommy smile 

The picture took so long because no matter what i did, it just wasn't working. I just got stuck in one of those ruts where no matter what you do to your picture it seems like it would just be better to start over, or something like that. I guess it turned out somewhat okay, but i had planned it to be much better.
Also, Meaki's curls are hard to draw. LOL, i managed to put something down, but wow. Yeah. 

Meaki belongs to Keali

Go here for more info on her.Meaki

P.S.--uuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhh. I just realized i did not put the green flowers on her dress. onion sad 
Anti-Virus Protection by Blofu
Anti-Virus Protection
Helllo i realized that i had never actually drawn the virtual/computer world that Chika spends most of her time in. So here is me giving it a shot. This picture really took too much time, but i am glad i kept working at it until i got it how i wanted, i must have added/taken elements countless times trying out different ideas. The composition was changed a few times as well, but i think i finally got something good. Also, its been a while since i drew Chika with her maid outfit on. Let me know what you think of it. 

Anyways about the picture, the idea was that virus'(the yellow things falling from the sky) have invaded the computer system, since it's Chika's job to maintain the computers functionality, she is going to have to do battle with these things. 

Made in Manga Studio(Clip Studio Paint).

Chika Belongs to me.
Program Execute by Blofu
Program Execute
Sort-of a redrawing of a picture i did earlier this year. More anime-ish this time.  Old--->Initializing... by Blofu
Wish by Blofu

I was born into this world, in my search for this girl. 
Sometime long ago, or perhaps sometime in the distant future, I was in different world.  That single sensation is all I remember.

 “A different world?”
The girl looks at me curiously.

“What kind of place was it? Do you remember?”
“Do you think it was a better place than this?” 

I nod.
I think so…

 “Even if the world wasn’t empty…did you still feel lonely sometimes?”

 I hesitate, and then nod again.

“Were you ever as lonely as you are now…?”

 I turn my head and look up at the girl. Her eyes gaze out at the endless field before us. …She seems sad.
A girl living alone in a world that has ended, an empty and still world.

This was a place that had nothing; it was void of all happiness.
I think for a moment.
…Perhaps, that is why I was born?

The girls eyes shift down to me.
 “Did you…”
“Wish to be born into a world like this?”

 We sit in silence for a while. Then I reach up and grab a hold of her hand, and that was my answer.

HEY GUYS! I have been playing Rewrite lately(which is pretty good!) Anyways it got me in the mood to do some fanart of Clannad! I have done some fanart like this previously. See Another World by Blofu and(oh goshitshideous) An Empty and Still World by Blofu

Let me know what you think!!!! 
I spent way too much time on those clouds.

Made in MangaStudio

Kaya Turn Around by Blofu
Kaya Turn Around
Woww! I uploaded something new! Amazing! 

Made in Manga Studio

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